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Welcome to N8.2

  2006/10/08 (11:49), "Frame Killer" modification
  We have modified our "Frame Killer". It now considers all types of frames and works in any possible situation. (read more ...)

You have finally had enough of your website's overlong URL (internet address)?
Overlong URL: http://your-isp.com/members/category/~your-name/home.htm
Then what about signing up for a - free and noncommittally - short URL here at N8.2, that redirects to your existing URL? Look at this:
Virtual directory: http://navig8.to/your-name
Subdomain: http://your-name.navig8.to
Doesn't it look better than the long one? Sure it does. These short URLs are accessible from all over the world - with and without "www". In addition to that you get several unique N8.2 features, for example:

Could we stir up your interest? Yes? So what are you waiting for? Get your free and noncommittally short URL here or at least have a peek at our detailed features overview. Do you have any further questions? Reading our "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) or directly contacting our customer service will most likely solve them.

*) After signup your short URL is completely free of advertisements for at least 30 days. Even beyond this period advertisements will not be shown all the time. See FAQ for more information.

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