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Abuse & Complaints

Please note that we only take responsibility for content hosted on our own server but we do not for the websites created by our users hosting their content at various webspace providers (eg. ISPs, free webspace providers, etc.)

That's the reason for us usually not to kick accounts by request since our service is exclusively providing redirects and short URLs but no content. Also it would be impossible for us to manually check all destination URLs in use by our users.

If you seem to be on the opinion that some specific webmaster does not obey law please directly contact either the webmaster, the webmaster's webspace provider, or even a court of law.

The concerning website might not provide a possibility to contact its owner. In this case you could use our whois query form to gather some information about the used webspace provider for directly contacting the admin staff there. Assume the concerning site is hosted at GeoCities. You would write an e-mail to abuse@geocities.com.

In case you have a complaint please specify the exact account name and the domain of the short URL you are referring to as well as the reasons for your complaint. Also make sure you do not forget to specify your e-mail address and your phone number for possible queries we have. In any case we will ignore anonymous e-mails!

Also note that we cannot send e-mails informing you wheter we removed a specific short URL from our database or not.

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