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Service FAQ

This section covers answers for the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you want to ask us something that is not covered here simply contact the customer service.
What is a subdomain?
Well, there are 1st level, 2nd level, and 3rd level domains. The former is known as "top level domain" (represents country extensions like .de, .com, or .at; for example .to means "Tonga"), the latter is known as "subdomain".

2nd level domains are what you're used to know. In fact this is the domain name part you have to register and what you have to pay for at Network Information Centers like ToNIC (for .to domains), DeNIC (for .de domains), etc.

3rd level domains (so called subdomains) are another subdivision. As soon as you own a 2nd level domain you can start setting up subdomains. Now our service offers to register one or more subdomains for navig8 for free. For example www.your-name.navig8.to and www.navig8.to/your-name (works with and without "www.").

On this site we call your free accounts "short URLs" because we're not only providing regular subdomains but also access to your subdomain through "virtual directories". Read on.

What is a virtual directory?
A virtual directory looks like this: http://navig8.to/your-name. For comparison a subdomain looks like this: http://your-name.navig8.to.

In both ways your short URL redirects to your existing website. You don't have to worry about what way to choose on registration, both subdomain or virtual directory work the same once you have signed up.

How much will I have to pay for short URLs?
Nothing. Our service is advertisement driven and that's why there are absolutely no hidden fees for you. It is totally free for everyone.

What kinds of advertisements are shown? And how frequent?
You can pick the kind of advertisements shown yourself. Either delayed popup ads or advertisements inside small top or bottom frames. The size of popup windows alternates, but the height of frames is usually somewhere around 20 pixels only. We recommend picking advertisements inside frames because they are less annoying for your visitors than popups.

Advertisements are not shown every time a visitor acecsses your short URL, but the possibility for ads being shown is slowly increased over time so that your visitors can familiarize with them. In fact when you sign up for a new account no ads will be shown for at least 30 days. Even after that period ads will appear every now and then for another few days before the possibility of ads being shown is slowly increased.

Are tradeable websites allowed to use this service?
Sure. Everyone accepting our terms of service (TOS) is allowed to sign up for one or more free short URLs.

Which names can I use for my accounts?
No matter what names you use as long as they are longer than two characters, as long as it is not yet used by other members, and as long they do not violate third party rights.

How many accounts am I allowed to sign up for?
As many as you want, as long as you keep the number of registered accounts within an "acceptable" range. We do not tolerate spam.

How long does signing up take?
A few minutes! Immediately after signing up you will receive an email with your personal access information and with further instructions. In fact you will just have to click a link in the email to activate your account.

How much webspace do I get here?
We provide free short redirection URLs which is different from free webspace. Most likely your ISP (for example AOL, CompuServe, etc.) will provide you free webspace but you can also grab some at free webspace providers like GeoCities or Tripod.

What about the information for FTP access?
Since we don't offer free webspace (see last question) you don't need FTP access information. All of your account settings can be changed from within the member's area once you are logged in.

I have lost my password. What shall I do?
Specify your account name here and we will immediately send an email to the email address you have used for sign up containing your current password.

How fast and secure is N8.2?
During development we tried to optimize our service as best as possible in order to make it as fast and reliable as possible. That's why we use a dedicated high performance server and connection. See our feature list for more information.

You have unanswered questions? No problem. Contact our customer support.

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