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N8.2 offers you a lot of possibilities regarding your own short URL. Next to detailed statistics, FavIcon support and path forwarding you get almost all features someone can want to get as a member of a redirection service. Free e-mail support and access to your account's settings and options through a comfortable web interface are pluses too. Just take some time and have a look at the following feature list, compare them with other redirection services, and convince yourself.

100% for free
It is possible for us to offer you this service for free since it is entirely funded through advertisements. No matter how long you use our service you will never have to pay any normal or hidden fees.

Cancel your account whenever you want
You signed up but you do not like our service? No problem at all. Just log into the user interface and delete your account there. This would take you just a few seconds. As always there are no hidden fees and no commitments to do.

Accounts are valid for a lifetime
No matter how often you change your webspace provider, how often you modify your site's URL, your short URL will always be accessible through us - for a lifetime.

Foolproof account administration
We offer our members a comfortable user interface which is accessible from everywhere on earth. Within that interface members can administrate their account(s), view statistics, change settings, and much more. The user interface is protected by a password which can be set by the account owner.

Detailed statistics
We offer you detailed access statistics about your site's visitors, shown by day, by month, and by year as dynamically generated image files in PNG format (ideal for archiving).

Accessible as subdomain as well as virtual directory
You can access your short URL in two ways. Either as a subdomain:
http://www.your-name.navig8.to or as a "virtual directory":
http://www.navig8.to/your-name. Read our FAQ if you are not sure what virtual directories are.

Path forwarding
You can append additional directories and/or filenames to your short URL and we will immediately redirect your visitors to the proper URL on your website. For example, let's assume your short URL

http://navig8.to/your-name would redirect to

So if your visitors enter

http://navig8.to/your-name/contact they'd get redirected to

This feature is not restricted to one subdirectory only. It works with any count of subdirectories. It also works for files. So if you would use our path forwarding feature for all of your website's links some of your visitors will not be able to recognize where your real website lays.

Frame killer
If you do not want other people to link your website within their frames just activate your account's frame killer and any foreign frames will disappear immediately.

URL hiding
Using this feature the browser's address line of your visitors will always show your short URL and not the URL of your real webpage. So for example if people bookmark your site web browsers will automatically bookmark your short URL instead of your long URL and thus visitors will always be able to reach your site even if you change your short URL's destination within the user interface.

IP/host(-mask) ban
Want to deny access to your short URL and thus to your website to people or organizations with certain IPs, IP masks, hosts and host masks? No problem too. You can set bans within the user interface. This feature's an ideal supplement to password protection.

IP/host(-mask)-dependent redirection
This unique feature is an extension of the IP/host(-mask) ban feature. It allows you to redirect people or organizations with certain IPs, IP masks, hosts and host masks to certain destination URLs. You could for example redirect visitors using unwanted ISPs (for example *.lao.com) to alternate pages. This is done with just a few clicks within the user interface.

Mirror support
Some web sites have so many hits and thus very high traffic so they would need to balance the load by redirecting visitors to various mirror URLs. Our service supports an unlimited number of mirror URLs. No more traffic problems.

Possibility to rename your accounts
You can rename your account whenever you want without losing any of your old account settings.

Let's assume your nick is killersheep and you use it as account name for your short URL. Some time later you change your nick and would like to change your account name too, but without losing its settings. No problem, just rename your account.

FavIcon support (IE & Konqueror)
Whenever visitors bookmark your website Internet Explorer (Windows) and Konqueror (Linux) look for a so called FavIcon which is displayed within the user's bookmarks next to the webpage title. You can specify an URL to a FavIcon for your account within the user interface. The HTML code is generated on every access to your short URL automatically.
More information about FavIcons at http://favicon.com/

Supports both capital letters & small letters
No matter wheter you write your short URL in capital letters, in small letters, or even mixed case, your website is always reachable since services providing case-sensitive account names are sometimes very confusing for the visitors. There is absolutely no difference between

http://navig8.to/your-name and

URL reachable with "www" as well as without it
You can access your website with

http://www.navig8.to/your-name as well as with

Suitable for all search engines
The redirect of your short URL is optimized for search engines. You can specify categories, descriptions, and keywords that fit your webpage both during and after signup. When you access your short URL the information is added to an invisible frame in a special way so search engines are able to index your short URL much better.

Automatic meta tags
On signup you have to specify a primary destination URL for your account. Our script will try to automatically extract some of the meta tags found at the given webpage so that you do not have to type - for example - the website title, description, and keywords when signing up.

Locking your accounts temporarily
It is possible for you to temporarily lock your account so no one can access your short URL. It is not in need of interpreting that you can unlock your account again, whenever you want.

Free support
You get free e-mail support. No matter if you have questions or problems that have to be solved, if you want to criticise something, or if you have some draft improvements, you can always contact our customer service which will try to help you as fast as possible.

High speed, reliability, and security
Our service is based on scripts entirely being developed by ourselves. These scripts gets extended and improved all the time. During development speed, security, and user-friendliness were classified as the most important details. As an example when you log into the user interface your password is not stored inside HTML pages and it is also not transmitted in an unencrypted way. Quite a lot of other redirection services still do that, believe it or not. Should there be any bigger flaws in our code - contrary to our expectations - we will be able to fix them immediately. Many other redirection services are using third-party scripts - that means if new bugs appear they will most likely not be able to fix them.

Besides the major aim on speed and security we stressed on high reliability of our service. We are using a dedicated high-performance system for this service that is connected to a fast backbone. That's how we can guarantee high performance and high accessibleness.

Convinced? Then signup here for free!

Please have a look at our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) if you still have questions regarding our features. If you do not find any satisfying answers for your questions there please contact our customer service.

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